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Module Synopsis:

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. was sent as a mercy to the whole universe. He occupies a special position in the hearts of Muslims and had always been a central figure in the faith of Islam.

In harnessing his everlasting legacy in our contemporary time, this module attempts to explore the personality of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. through studying his physical traits, characteristics, values and ethics. Special attention is given to study Prophet’s individual actions in facilitating appreciation of teachings and values.

In bringing contextual relevance to the study of the Prophet’s life, this module will draw learning points in relation to current context, unique social environments and multi-religious setting. In enhancing understanding, social skills will be incorporated throughout this module.

18 & 25 August

01 & 08 September


what is adil?

ADIL is an acronym for Adult Islamic Learning. It is an Islamic learning programme specially tailored for adult Muslim learners in Singapore.

Derived from the Arabic word of ‘Adil’ (عادل), literally means a just person. Allah s.w.t. commands Muslims to be bearers of justice for it is closest to Taqwa.

It symbolizes maturity, moderation, rationality and objectivity. It represents a learned individual who is inclusive; transcends religion, race, language or other forms of denominators.

Developed by the Office of the Mufti, this new Adult Islamic Learning (ADIL) programme is designed such that it remains relevant and suited for our Muslim adults’ contemporary spiritual and intellectual needs. The programme will be offered in both Malay and English to cater to varied demands and needs of the Muslim community.

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Module Objectives: 

This module aims to achieve the following learning objectives:

  • To apreciate the lessons from the life of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w
  • To identify the enduring values taught by Prophet Muhammad s.a.w for aplication in today’s context
  • To strengthen our faiths to Allah s.a.w through emulating the best practices of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w
  • To increase our love towards Prophet Muhammad s.a.w

“Seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim.”